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vrbas_map.jpgVrbas and Kula, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia - Municipality of Kula belongs to the west Backa region, and the Municipality of Vrbas lies more to the southeast and belongs to the south Backa region. This part of Backa is in the northwest of Vojvodina in the Republic of Serbia. The Danube-Tisza-Danube Canal, called DTD-canal, or Grand Canal, was built in the 18 century, partly for transport and water supply, but also with the purpose of draining the wet and fertile soils of the Backa district. In the 20th century this area was heavily industrialized. This also resulted in increased settlements in the small towns along the canal. The canal became more and more polluted, and in the worst stretch around Vrbas, the canal is filled with industrial sludge. Sugar beet processing factories, pig farms, slaughterhouses, edible-oil factories, metal processing factories, etc. are the worst polluters in addition to untreated sewage from the towns. In addition to causing local problems, the pollution of the Grand Canal is a problem for the Tisza, and constitutes also a significant pollution source for the Danube. Based on estimated nutrient pollution, 70% of pollution comes from industrial sources, while 20% and 10% are from municipal and agricultural sources. The pollution of the Grand Canal running through the medium sized city of Vrbas (25 000 inhabitants) has been characterized as «the worst in Europe».

The proposed intervention under this programme will focus on construction of the missing main waste water collector and rehabilitation of the Sewerage system within territory of municipality of Vrbas to the administrative border of Municipality of Kula.

The project intervention will enable completion of the new waste water network in municipality Vrbas and will enhance following activities: construction of Central Waste Water Treatment Plant (communal and industrial waters) and remediation of the Grand Canal. These three segments represent three main components in overall remediation of the environmental hot spot Vrbas.


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